About me

Date of birth: 1975

Experience as a lecturer in law: 1 year, New Bulgarian University, Sofia

From 2014 member of the "Association for Women Lawyers"

For the spring semester of the academic year 2000/2001 / from 01.03.2001 until 15.07.2001./ part-time lecturer in the discipline "Legislation on Environmental Protection" at the New Bulgarian University-Bachelor's Faculty.

Since the academic year 2021, he has been a part-time assistant professor of Private International Law at the University of National and World Economy.

Law Practice area:

Family and Inheritation Law

* Broad experience in the field of the Family and Inheritation Law.

* The role of the lawyer in these lawsuits is very important and sensitive because they usually address deteriorated relations between relatives or family. That’s why every lawsuit requires a thorough investigation of the case itself and of the respective legislation regulations. Having all strings attached a lot of the trials could finish with mutual agreements between the parties.

* Consultancy and representation services regarding:

* Divorce /upon mutual agreement or requested by one of the spouses with charges attached/.

* Real estate and property relationships settlement in case of divorce or inheritance, voluntary or judicial partition.

* Inheritance acception or declination wills preparation and settlement.

* Confirmatio or contest of a child’s origin.

* Determination, change and collection of alimony and support money.

* Settlement of relationship rules between parents and children.

* Admission and recognition at the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria of the judgments of foreign Courts /exequatur/ in the Family Law area regarding divorce, alimony, parentage rights and relationships rules.

A big number of the lawsuits regarding the Family Law are related to deteriorated relationships accompanied by physical or psychological violence but a lot of the vsictims are not aware of the vast opportunities, advantages and defense which the Law on Protection Against Domestic Violence grants to them at the initiation of a divorce lawsuit.